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Do I have to go?

No! Placement at the Unit is voluntary - it's the student's decision. Students should agree to attend the Unit only if they are serious about making changes to their behaviour at school.

Doesn't my school want me anymore?

Schools do not refer students to the Unit as punishment, but in the belief that, with assistance in a small group setting, students will be able to change their behaviour and make full use of their education.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to parents. All excursions from the Unit are paid for from Unit funds. Transport tickets are also provided for students. Students need only to provide their own lunch. The Unit receives funding from the Victorian Department of Education Western Metropolitan Region's Alternative Programs Budget and from referring schools.

What do students do at the Unit?

Students, parents, teachers and welfare workers are welcome to visit the Unit and chat with the Unit staff. Contact us to arrange a visit. A copy of the Unit's weekly timetable may be viewed by clicking here - View Timetable
Detailed information regarding the Unit's curriculum is available in the About the Unit page in this website.

How successful are you?

The Unit's success at maintaining students at school was last measured by an Outcomes Survey conducted in 1998. In brief, this survey found that a very high percentage of students (86%) were still in school two years after the completion of their placement.
The Unit's success is, of course, very dependant on students being motivated to change their behaviour at school.

Won't my daughter fall behind in her work at school?

While students obviously miss an amount of work at their regular school, they do complete academic work at the Unit, much of it focusing on areas in which they have difficulties. Many students comment on the large amount of work completed at the Unit. If students achieve their goals at the Teaching Unit, they find their improved behaviour and concentration means that considerably more work is completed in class at their regular school. Students are not penalised by their schools for work not competed due to their placement at the Teaching Unit.

Do you kick students out?

Students are occasionally expelled from the Unit due to a complete and continued lack of effort toward their goals. Students sometimes choose to leave the Unit prior to the completion of their placement.

What happens if the placement isn't a success?

When a student returns to their regular school full-time, the school would put into place appropriate consequences for the student's behaviour.

How do I get there?

Sunshine Teaching Unit is in Leith Avenue, Sunshine - a short, no-through road off Hampshire Road next to Sunshine Primary School.
The Unit is about five minutes walk from Sunshine Railway Station. The station is also a major stop on about seven bus routes.
Melways Reference: Map 40 G2

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