Students' Comments

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Students are asked to answer a few written questions at the completion of their placements. The following are some replies:

Did you enjoy your time at Sunshine Teaching Unit?

Yes I did. I have changed.

Yes. I enjoyed my time at the Teaching unit cos it was fun sometimes

Yes I did. I had lots of fun but it helped me at the same time

I didn't just enjoy myself. I learnt alot and fill good for myself

Yes. It was fun but it taught me a lesson

It was OK

Yes I did like it at Sunshine Teaching Unit. It was very good and lots and lots of fun

It was good the bad thing about the unit is the days go so slow but otherwise it was wicked.

Yes it was fun and I got along with the kids.

At times I had fun and at other times I didn't but I liked it

Yes I did because everyone has been nice to me


Do you think your placement has helped you back at your regular school?

I consentrat on my work more then usual in class, so yer

The last couple of Wednesdays the teachers think I have been doing real well

Yes towards other students and teachers and I'm not as roud to teachers much anymore and get along with other students better

Yes defenitely because I have been more calm

The last couple of Wednesdays the teachers think I have been doing real well

I don't know because I haven't been back at school enough to tell

Yes because I havent been in trouble since Iíve been at the teaching unit

Yes. It has helped me a bit at my regular school

Yes. I don't get in trouble at school no more or maybe once a week and even the teachers say I am improving. And my parents.

Yes I think that it has. Ive noticed it and so have the teachers.

More than I thort it would

Yes it has but right now I've got to much on my mind to concentrate

Yes I do think that it has help me back at regular school in my behaviour. I donít yell at the teachers any more and I can control my temper alot better at school.

In what ways is your behaviour at school different to your behaviour before you were at the Teaching Unit?

My behaviour is different in the way I talk to teachers, my grades have got even better. I am now avoiding punch-ons. I have alot more friends because I donít act like a smarty anymore.

I'm better more often

Ive consentrated on work more I donít swear as much Ive been asking for help more and other stuff

Well I use to fight with my friends alot but now I dont. If people picked on me Iíd go back at them and get upset but I now try to deal with it and tell them how I feel.

I don't no - not really different

I can stand up for myself in a polite way, I can ignore students, I can consentrate a bit better in class and be assertive ect. ect!!!

I have been coping better with teaches and getting along with them much better. I have concentrated much better. I think I have solved conflicts much much better conpeard to befor.

My behaviour is different at school because I do more work now at school.

Well before I came here I didn't care because I didn't know how to do the work but know I do and I wasn't really pleasant to talk to

Im doing more work Im not getting angry so easy and Im talking more polite and if I didnt have a lot on my mind I would be doing everything right Im even trying to quit smoking

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